Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Relax Time


It’s time for me to relax.

We’ll go "chaung tha beach" tomorrow (with our company’s group)


We’re going there one time per year

Upper photos are I captured views at last year

If you want to see a little more

Go Go

But, do not click continuous links

when you reach there

there are empty

For my ‘coz of busy

Yep, Clearly

My Lazy


One day I’ll finish him


Hey, reader “why are you not join with me to go“

are you scare tsunami?

I’m not.


>>YangonThu I miss your weekend poetry! Next Time! OK!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Predatory Dance

Pop-song writer releases poetry book

Can a gun bring our hope, our peace?

These links are force me to post this blog

Leaders of Thailand’s armed forces seized control of Bangkok
but it's the same old story
Afghan suicide attack kills 18

Terrorist who escaped U.S. custody reported killed in Iraq
Troops storm prison with big houses, Jacuzzi, drugs

Yap, as for our peoples, most of all are not interesting ‘coz we are face with poverty.
Everyday …. Everyday…Everyday…only struggle to live (food, clothes & place).
When I say news to others “ Hey, you know…it’s hands over…………”
Response is like that “ Aww..” “Innn…”, “Aww aw..”..
In Burmese>>>
”Hote Lar?”
“Mee ma lar…loe… sate nyit… ya tat.. AHtae……Bar twae …lar pyaw …nay tar lal”
so dar par tae ……. :)

Predatory Dance is starting at our environment,

Are you a Hunter?

Or Prey?


This blog is not about political, only art for community. ( armour )

Upper materials (©?) are from the book of “Predatory Dance” By “Myint Moe Aung”

Words by Myint Moe Aung

Graphic by PoPo

Saturday, September 23, 2006

My First Poem

“Speaking of Hundred Words Is Equal with One Text of Word”

How many Speak of Words contain in POEM

Made by Power Characters of Word...

From the bottom of Poet’s Heart……….?


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